4089 Abbott Drive, Willmar, MN 56201, USA

Kandiyohi County Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for more detailed responses to common questions:

I didn’t receive a cart. Who do I call?
Please call us at 320-235-7630 to determine if you are on the list.  We are following guidelines provided by the County as to who is to receive a container.  If you are not on our list, you will need to call the County at 320-231-3587. If you have a seasonal residence, you must call the County to let them know you are interested in the service and they will contact us on your behalf. You can also email us at: website@wcsanitation.com.

Are there carts smaller than 95 gallons available?
No.  All residents who desire recycling services through the County program will have a 95 gallon recycling cart with a yellow lid. 

Can I get more than one recycling cart?
Yes, additional carts are available upon County approval. The cost is $3.25 per month, billed annually by the County. Please call the County at 320-231-3587 to request one.

Is driveway service available?
No.  Our agreement with the County provides for service at the curb only. If you are on a privately maintained road or driveway, the cart needs to be placed at the curb of the closest public road.

If I have more than what the container will hold, will you take my extra recycling?
As a general rule, we will only collect what fits into your recycling container.  However, we will do our best to collect extra that happens on occasion. If you consistently have more recycling than what will fit into your container, we suggest getting an additional cart.

Is there a drop off location in Kandiyohi County?
Yes. Recycling dumpsters are available at the Household Hazardous Waste site located at 1400 22nd St SW in Willmar.

Will I be charged for the service?
No.  The County is paying for the service.

Are you taking corrugated cardboard?
Yes! Please break down your boxes to fit into your container. Please do not stuff the cart too full or it may not empty completely.

What is my day of service?

Please visit the County's website at
www.kcmn.us.  Recycling information is listed under Environmental Services.  You can find your day of service and view a recycling calendar with guidelines for acceptable items.  

Who gets every-other-week service and who gets every-four-week service?
All residents living within the corporate boundaries of the following cities will receive every- other-week service.  If you are outside city limits, you have every-four-week service.

  • Atwater
  • Blomkest
  • Kandiyohi
  • Lake Lillian
  • New London
  • Pennock
  • Prinsburg
  • Raymond
  • Regal
  • Spicer
  • Sunburg
  • Willmar

We are following resident listings we have received from the County.

Where can I sell aluminum cans?
Northern Metal Recycling in Willmar

Can we still use the blue recycling bins we have used in the past?
No.  We will no longer service the blue recycling bins. All recyclables must be in the 95-gallon cart.

Will you be collecting the blue recycling bins since we can no longer use them?
No.  If you do not want them, you can drop them off at our office, 4089 Abbott Drive in Willmar. 

Can out-of-county residents receive recycling service with these carts?

No. Service is only provided to Kandiyohi County residents.  

Will you provide service on my street with a smaller truck?

No.  All services will be provided with a front-load residential truck. We are not utilizing rear-load or one-ton side load vehicles to collect recycling.

Can I leave my recycling cart at a relative’s house and have it serviced there?
No. This is considered as having more than one container at a residence.  

What is the phone number for Kandiyohi County?